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Updated 1/16/2007

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What’s New with Version 3.0

This release features a newly designed Teams page to allow for easier management of teams.  Creating, joining, and modifying teams should now be a breeze!  By clicking on “Teams” in the header or “Configure Teams” in the footer of the calendar view, you can go to this page.  From the Teams page, you can now filter the page to view all teams, teams you are on, teams that you coach, or teams that you want to join.  Users can now request to join a team without having to ask a coach to add them to the team.  This is done in the “All Teams” view, where a user can click next to a team that they want to join.  When the coach goes to the Teams page, they will see that a runner wants to join their team and they can then accept to add them to their team.  From the Teams page, you can click on any team that you are a member of (or coach) to view the roster.  From this page, you can easily add teammates if you are the coach.  Additionally, you can assign other members of the team to be a coach if you want to. 


What’s Next

It has been a long time since the last release and I am happy to finally get a new team page that is easier to use.  The next few weeks, I plan to work on the performance of the team page as well as do a very minor facelift to the home page and navigation.  If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know.

I am always up for more ideas to add to my mix that I already have. Please email to report bugs, give ideas for features or any other comments you may have about the site.



Have you ever wanted to track your running and wellness side-by-side with your friends?  Have you ever wanted to utilize a program that makes it easy and fun to input your running and wellness information?  If so, Run Log has what you need.  Using this tool should help you track your running performance as well as keep personal notes along the way.  Although this is the first version of the tool, it can still track miles, weight, body fat, pulse and personal notes.  The future of this tool is up to the users.  There are many different avenues going forward and I would appreciate any feedback anyone has. Refer to the Contact Us 1 section for more information on how to express your feedback.  Feel free to look around the site and refer to this document for any help you need.  NOTE:  This program has only been tested on Internet Explorer 6.0 web browser.  Using on any other browser probably will not look or work right.


Version 1.0 has the following features:

·         Calendar view that shows the user’s body weight, body fat % and mileage of the user.  The tool-tip for the days show even more information.

·         Log your weight, body fat percentage, resting heart rate, running mileage, duration and pace.  You can also keep a text log to write any notes for the day.

·         View your weekly mileage from the view page by looking at the red number next to Saturday’s date.

·         You can view all users that have their log shared out but cannot edit their data. A user can also choose to not let their data public to everyone.

·         Have your pace configured on the item form as you enter the numbers.

View Page /view.aspx

The view page is the home page you go to when logging in on with the big calendar. By default you are navigated to this month’s calendar with the user you saw last shown in the view.  To change the month, simply press the left or right arrow keys on the same row as the month and year label.  If you have an account, you log yourself in by finding your name in the drop down list and selecting it.  Then click the “Login” button to completely fill in your login information.  If you select the “Remember Me” checkbox, you will not need to log in every time you navigate to this page.  If you logged in correctly, you should see text at the top saying “Welcome, <your name>.”  You should now have access to your account. NOTE: If you have a private account, then your name will not show up in the drop down list.  Simply click the “Login” button and enter the correct username and password.  There are three views: monthly, weekly and team.  You can change these views in the footer of the view page by picking the appropriate option.  Using the item form is covered in the next section.  Hover over any date that has data in it will show all the details of that date in a tool-tip.   

Item Page /item.aspx

The item page is used to edit and view a detailed view of all the data for a particular day.  Only a logged in user can edit only his/her own data.  To save changes you have made, simply click the “Save & Close” button from the toolbar. If you do not see this button you do not have access to make changes to this account.  When you save, the form should close and the changes should be shown on the view page.  If you do not want to change the data, click the “Cancel” button and no changes are kept. 


Health section: 

The health section is where you can input the three health data values.  The values are as follows:
Weight: Put your current body weight to the nearest tenth.
Body Fat %:  Put your current body fat % to the nearest tenth.
Pulse:  Put your resting heart rate per minute.
Sleep:  Put the number of sleeping hours

Run and other activities section:
This section is where you input all your running and activity data.  If you run more than one run, simply click on the link that says to add second run where you input your second run values. Your mileage can be entered and numbers are kept to the nearest tenth of a mile.  Your time goes in the duration blank.  To put in a 35 minute run, you should put 35:00.  Always separate all times with the “:” delimiter to get your pace calculated correctly.  The calculation is not done until the cursor leave the control you just edited.  You can also put in your running shoes that you used during this run.

Notes section:
Enter any text you want about your day in this blank.

Attachments section:
When a user is logged in, s/he can add or remove images for a day by clicking on the little paperclip on the toolbar.  If there are any files included on this day, you can view the image by clicking on the file link from the item page.  To add an image, do the following steps:

1. Make sure you are logged in and double-click on the day you want to add a file to.
2. From the toolbar, click on the paperclip. An attachments dialogue will appear.
3. In the text box, either type the file you want in the textbox or do a “Browse…” where you can choose a file.
4. Once you entered the file you want to attach, click the “Attach” button to save the file. If the file was correctly saved, you will see it in the lower half of the page.
5. To remove an image, click the image you want to remove and click “Remove”.
6. When you are done with the attachments, click the “Done” button to close the attachment box.


Splits page /splits.aspx

The splits page is where you can add individual parts of a certain run.  To add a split, click the “Add Split…” link towards the bottom of the control.  You can put in your distance as kilometers or miles.  The total distance, time and pace are all tallied at the top and update the item form when you click OK.  If you enter a split in kilometers, the mile equivalent is put in the total section.  Choose the training and terrain type to keep track of how you were running and what you were running on.  The changes are not saved in the database until you click “Save & Close” on the item form.

Logon page /logon.aspx

The logon page is used to log in the website, change a user’s password, or register a new user to the site.


Options page /options.aspx

The options page is where a logged in user can change different settings and views.  This page allows for you to change your display name, your password and the first day of the week. The page also allows for you to change the security settings or whether you want others to see your data.  The lower half of the page lets you choose what data is shown on the calendar view.  Simply check the items you wish to show. NOTE: If you do not check to show the miles you run, then the weekly miles counter will not work correctly.


Report page /report2.aspx

The reporting page is an evolving process that should get better and better with each release.  A new reporting type has been added to the general report called Stat view.  This view does the same thing as general but gives you minimum, maximum and average running statistics.  You also now have the ability to Print, Save and create custom reports on your running data.  Below is an explanation of how to create custom queries in your data.

Creating custom queries
Have you ever wondered how many times you have run with a certain running partner?  Or how many days you’ve spent biking in the last month?  Or perhaps how many miles you have run on a certain course?

All of these can be answered easily by using customized queries.  Here is how:
1.  Log into your account (you can only create custom queries for yourself)
2.  Open the Report page “Report Beta
3.  Make sure your name is selected from the report dropdown list.
4.  Click “Add Other Custom Reports…”  This creates a little form for you to fill out below the link.
5.  You have 3 things to fill out in this particular form:
      a) You can choose the “Number of times” or the “Number of miles”. Choose the data you are interested in.
      b) Type the value that you would like searched for. For instance, type “bike” if you would like to search for that string.
      c) Choose “Day Title” or “Notes” from the last dropdown. This will dictate which place to look.

Feel free to play around with this feature and please give feedback if something does not make sense.  This can be a pretty powerful way to take more control out of your own data you have been logging.

Teams page /Teams.aspx

You can only access this page after you have logged in by clicking on the “Teams” link in the header or “Configure Teams” link in the footer of the Calendar view.  This is the page that allows you to manage (create/edit/remove) teams.  You can click a link at the top of the page to filter the view and display All teams, Teams you coach, Teams you are on, or Teams you want to join.  From the All Teams view you can click “Join” next to any team that you want to join to request membership to that team.  When the coach goes to the Teams page, they will see that a runner wants to join their team and they can then accept to add them to their team.  From the Teams page, you can click on any team that you are a member of (or coach) to view the roster. You can also click the “Create new team” link to go to the Configure Roster page and set up your team. 


If you are a private user, other people can invite you to be on their team, but they will not be able to see your log until you give them access.  In order to allow your coach and/or teammates access to your private calendar, click on team that you are on to go to the Roster page for that team.  See the Configure Roster section below to learn how to change read/write permissions in the Roster page.


Configure Roster page /Roster.aspx

You get to the Configure Roster page by clicking on a team that you are on or by clicking “Create new team” from the Teams page. Within this form, if you are the coach, you can edit the name of the team, the description and whether the team is Global or Personal.  A Personal team is a team that only you use and a Global team is one that everyone can see whether they have logged in or not.  In other words, if you want the team to be seen by others, make it a Global team.  The lower portion of the page allows you to filter the users by clicking: Current Roster, Pending Approval, Current Coaches, or Add Teammates.  The Current Roster view allows you to view all users on the selected team.  If you are the coach, you can remove members from the team or assign another user to be a coach.  In the Pending Approval page, if you are the coach you will see users that want to join your team and you can click “Accept” next to the user to add them to your team. The Current Coaches view displays all of the coaches for the selected team.  The Add Teammates view shows all users in the database.  If you are the coach, you can click “Add” next to a user to add them to your team.  If a user you select is private, you will not have access to read their calendar information unless they give you access to do so. 


Setting read/write permissions: When in the “Current Roster” view you can click the dropdown list next to your name under “Read Permissions” or “Write Permissions” to set the access that you want for the given team.

Contact Us

This is a young site and still has much room for improvement and features.  Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, simply email to report any bugs, any feature requests or compliments are welcome as well.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Is my data backed up somewhere?
Yes.  Every Sunday, the database is backed up on a CD and stashed in a safe place, therefore no data should ever be lost except for the latest week, which you will most likely remember anyways.

Do you have questions you’d like answered about RunLog? Email and your questions will be addressed. If they are good, you will see them added to the FAQ section.