The daily log of William Tripp for Friday, September 16, 2022

Sunrise Special


: 10.29 Mile(s) : 01:18:31 : 00:07:37.82 /mile : Adidas SL-20 Summer Ready : 0.0


: 3.09 Mile(s) : 00:24:38 : 00:07:58.31 /mile : Nike Pegasus 39 Black/White : 0.0

Daily Note

Oh boy this was tough. Very late night of grading problem sets that I had to get in today. Didn't even finish and ended up working on them hurriedly between classes. This has been an astonishingly long week. Didn't really mean to go up this high in mileage but I got into a rhythm of running in the morning before class and despite my hip being a little off I've actually been feeling really good overall and mostly just ran what I felt like I needed/wanted. I never found myself thinking, wow I need some rest, it was mostly just wow, I need to loosen my hip. Going to drop back to 80 next week and maybe 70 for Geneseo. I think I'm going to stick to running my mileage in 6 when I can because I enjoy taking a day to unload or climb or something else. Honestly, a sunrise workout was a great way to start the end of one of the longest weeks ever. I just have to get through my classes and then I can unwind a little.