The daily log of William Tripp for Monday, September 12, 2022

New worst run dropped


: 4.55 Mile(s) : 00:36:35 : 00:08:02.41 /mile : Nike Pegasus 39 Black/White : 0.0


: 10.01 Mile(s) : 01:16:00 : 00:07:35.54 /mile : Nike Pegasus 39 Black/White : 0.0

Daily Note

Little shake out in the morning and despite my best efforts the hip wasn't doing too hot. Booked an appointment with Alex for before practice.

Saw Alex before practice and did some heating of my back coupled with a bunch of activating and soft tissue stuff. Helped mobility a lot but I think it'll take a few days for the whole chain to clear up. Ran windmill today and it was honestly a bad run. Just lots of roads that weren't fun to run on and all that it led to was a short path around the park. could have been worth it if we got a decent number of miles in but we all had to round up on the grass field. Ran a little over a mile and a half on the grass and did some strides. I have certainly felt better.