The daily log of Reuben for Monday, June 06, 2022

olaf hat


: 7.02 Mile(s) : 00:53:45 : 00:07:39.40 /mile : solarglide grey/red : 0.0

Daily Note

nice easy run this morning. ran by an older man with a st olaf hat on. i yelled "go oles" and got no response, so while passing again i said i like your hat. still no response. darn. couple more off days then i start the real work grind. Thu, Fri, Sat. at the Museum and then Sun, Mon at the running store. should be good to save up some money so i can fuck around this next year. i really want to go run in the alps. i dont know why or how this got into my brain, but being able to do some trail running in Switzerland sounds surreal. need some cash for that tho, which i am severely lacking. i am so bad at saving my money sometimes. i impulsively buy so much dumb shit. needs to stop. DePaul University is flying me out for an official (?) visit of some sorts soon. in a few weeks i believe. dunno how i feel about living in downtown chicago, but ill take a free trip to a fun city anyday. go Blue Demons! lol


  • christopher brenk  (6/8/2022 2:21:32 PM) 

    (KJ &) HARPS!

  • Brett Haffner  (6/17/2022 2:50:24 PM) 

    Chicago! Let me know if you end up coming down for a visit!

  • Nobs  (6/7/2022 4:43:50 PM) 

    I have a close HS buddy who ran at DePaul and is starting law school there in the fall. He can tell you all about the program and DePaul in general. If you are interested, I can send you his number to reach out.