The daily log of Philip Johnson for Saturday, November 06, 2021

Tolt MacDonald OAB Long Run with 6 Mile Push


: 22.00 Mile(s) : 00:00:00 : : Hoka One One Rincon 3 - Black : 0.0

Daily Note

Back to the SVT with DK for 16 ez, into 6@MP. (643/645/648/645/637/630)

Another smooth ass morning. We chilled for a couple hours, then hit marathon pace for the last 6. Naturally the rain picked up right at mile 16, so the whole push was in the rain. And not that Seattle drizzle bullshit either, some real rain. So a battle with the elements, but that really only made things more fun. Three 22 milers in a row now. Are things clicking…???

A really big drop in the booket today. Really easy through the first 16 honestly. If anything was trying not to bounce to much and keep it at more of a shuffle -- thats something I should think about. Felt good during the 6, and got a little greedy if everything. I can tell I'm strong man. I feel like I want to wield it.