The daily log of Lukas Moscoso for Sunday, June 06, 2021

Long (15)


: 15.00 Mile(s) : 01:51:27 : 00:07:25.8 /mile : Hoka Clifton : 0.0

Daily Note

Long run today with trevor. Was gonna run to nantasket today from my house but my mom didn't want to be my ride back home because of the heat. Oh well, I get where she is coming from. Just gonna have to do that run another sunday when it is cooler. As for the run today, I met up with trevor and ran with him most of the way. Heat was definitely getting to me the last 5 miles but made sure not to stop despite not having any water the whole way Also, I have a little pain in my right thigh right now but its nothing too major right now. Tomorrow will be off. Definitely feel like I need it. (86.5 miles for the week. Training is going well. Gonna keep building up from here)