The daily log of Ya Boi, The Bot for Monday, May 22, 2023



: 11.00 Mile(s) : 01:18:03 : 00:07:05.72 /mile : : 0.0

Daily Note

Went to the gym to do with loops around the park. Felt pretty good throughout. Swung pretty d by hard but felt like I did not because I was going to want to play off the closed. Why Jonathan is on a grind I'm going to be with him this summer and I'm a kid. I'm going to take advantage of this interesting workout if you get to... Turns out that people were trying to run the fast 4 days and my ankle is really sore. I had to cut my run down a bit. I have kinda been running down the stairs and I want to be able to get out there. I decided to do a new run and did hills. Felt good.