The daily log of Lexi Affolter for Saturday, January 07, 2023

Long Run


: 13.10 Mile(s) : 01:34:40 : 00:07:13.58 /mile : Nike Infinity React (Grey pt2) : 0.0

Daily Note

long run with a fartlek after mile 7. headwind on the first half which was super annoying. then paces on the fartlek were much slower than i wouldve liked, but my body was probably a bit tired from running 50min already. decided to do a mile instead of 5min and it was sub 6:20 but felt way too comfortable, just hard to go faster. so 1mi/4min/3min/2min/1min all off 2min. then ended last 2mi as a cd (but another 2mi of headwind ew). felt good though