The daily log of Joe Stover for Friday, April 30, 2021

Be Sweet


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Daily Note

Didn't shakeout, warmed up with the 10k guys. Hot (75) and sunny for the race which is obviously not ideal for a 10k. Plan was to pace at no faster than 78's for the first two miles and then go from there. Sadly, Patrick apparently hurt his foot yesterday, so he dropped out. But the other guys were coming on strong, so led them until there was 3200 to go. Probably averaged 80 or so for the 4ish miles. Quicker than expected turnaround for the 5k. Definitely didn't feel good and pretty quickly abandoned the hope of finishing. Just stuck with the plan of pacing 73's for 3200. Did good on that after the first two laps. Much better weather, but stomach and legs were beat up. Fun day overall and glad I got to help some people out.