The daily log of Joe Cardie for Monday, November 15, 2021

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Daily Note

Miles with Mike and Tommy. Had my meeting afterwards with coach about my training moving forward. It got me very excited for my future, especially outdoors. At the conclusion we were discussing the numerous hurdles i've encountered in training and will potentially have with this upcoming training block. It reminded me of the homely from mass yesterday. The priest was discussing the training to become a navy seal. He said they have insane workouts such as being woken up in the middle of the night, 1 or 2 AM, for long hikes lasting several hours or being dropped in the freezing ocean to swim long distance. In the middle of the camp is a bell and they just have to ring it and they will be released, the torture will be done. He said only 20% of people who start navy seal camp actually finish. I will say, i've been very close to ringing the bell, more times than I would've ever imagined before starting at Widener. However, I'm grateful I have found the courage to keep journeying and not giving in. At the end of the day, I'm not only a better runner, but a wiser and stronger man. So for everyone on this team starting a new training block, understand that it will come with hurdles. However, if you stick it out, you'll become a more rounded runner and man


  • Ernie Pitone  (11/16/2021 5:55:03 AM) 

    very well said. there are some really cool videos and books on navy seals that I highly suggest looking into if you find it interesting. puts a lot into perspective.

  • Ernie Pitone  (11/17/2021 5:51:31 AM) 

    Lone Survivor is a great book by Marcus Luttrell

  • Joe Cardie  (11/16/2021 4:48:52 PM) 

    Thanks yea i am very into military documentaries, movies, and books so I'll look into it. It really shows easy and comfortable our lifestyles are compared to people who've served or in training to serve