The daily log of Joe Cardie for Thursday, November 04, 2021

Doctors - pleurisy


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Daily Note

Went to the doctors who said I have all the symptoms of Pleurisy which a common viral infection effecting the pleura of the lungs. The pleura is a lining surrounding the lungs that he described as Saran wrap. When it is inflamed, it restricts the lungs ability to expand when taking a breath. Thus, you are left shallow breathing. Since it is a viral infection, antibiotics would not help. He gave me a "Breo inhaler" to take daily before going to bed. It has a two chemicals, a anti-inflammatory and a bronchodilator. It should help with the symptoms, but it isn't a cure. This is just something that will take time to get through my system. Legs felt great today on the run, but breathing felt very labored. Not sure if it's the virus or the cold


  • Ernie Pitone  (11/5/2021 5:43:30 AM) 

    sorry to hear Joe. Unfortunately lungs are quite important in our sport. Hopefully puts into perspective your race from the weekend. There's always a lot of variables that go into a successful race but having an infection that attacks the lungs is impossible to be anywhere near your best. But something to walk away knowing you fought hard and there will be more races to attack ahead. Glad you figured out the cause and each day you'll build back that lung strength.

  • Joe Cardie  (11/6/2021 6:03:51 AM) 

    Thanks Ernie. Something seemed off during the back end of last week leading up to MACs. However, it was really evident when I still couldn't catch my breath a mile into the race from the quarter mile up-hill start at the beginning. My legs have felt super strong the past couple days so there's no doubt in my mind that something big is gonna happen once I get over this virus