The daily log of Jaden Sweely for Monday, November 21, 2022

Start of week off/end of season thoughts

Daily Note

If you had asked me in May what my goals were for this season I probably would have told you to get top 30 at Macs, and run sub 24. I never would have imagined 23:18 and placing 16th at MACs and getting all region. Before this season, I really despised cross country and would dread the season every year. Once we started doing workouts, I started to get really excited to race, and found a new love for cross country. I know I def do not show it sometimes, but I really can't imagine doing this sport without cross country. The atmosphere at every meet is so fun, and I love being able to race with everyone, and talk about the crazy stuff that happened during the race afterwards. I am not really sure what to make of this season because I achieved goals I never would have imagined, but I also am a little disappointed in the fact that my fastest race of the season was at Paul short and I never really came close to that time again. I will definitely make it a point next season to try and run faster later in the season, but for now I am super eager for the track season, and I am literally so excited to see how everyone does. I want to thank everyone on this team for motivating me to be better, and the energy we have when we run together I feel like is super special. Woo hoo yay for track!!