The daily log of Jaden Sweely for Saturday, November 13, 2021

End of Season thoughts


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Daily Note

6k - 24:46. First off, want to say how amazing everyone ran today and literally am so excited for everyone because every single person that raced today ran their hardest and it clearly showed in the results. This next part is probably going to be long, but going into this season I really had no idea what to expect. My last cross country season was in 2019 in high school, and those races were 5ks. I knew that I wanted to try and be on the top seven and help the team as best as I could. Overall considering everything that happened over the summer, and my injury in September I am pretty satisfied with this season. I definitely am going to have a lot more expectation from myself next year, and want to more of a contributor to our team than I was this season. I am super super hype for track though!! Even though time needs to slow down because I don't want the seniors to leave us :(( I feel so blessed to be able to run with such amazing people and I literally love you all so much <33.


  • Gabby Nye  (11/14/2021 4:16:53 PM) 

    When she says XC isn't her thing and then she does THIS!!!!

  • Sarah Groetz  (11/14/2021 4:11:32 PM)