The daily log of Jaden Sweely for Saturday, November 06, 2021

Pre and 4x400


: 7.00 Mile(s) : 00:00:00 : : : 0.0

Daily Note

Pre: 6.08 (40, 48, 44, 52, 40, 51, 39, 51) 4x400: 85, 82, 83, 81. Ran the pre with Liz and the 4x400 with Emmy, Sarah, and Liz. Had a rough first 2 laps of the pre figuring out the pacing but luckily figured it out by the last two laps. I think because the last pre was a 1.5 mile the differences between the on and offs was a lot less drastic than for the 1 mile. Definitely will keep that in mind when I pace the next one. Overall felt ok on the workout today, my sickness definitely made it a little more difficult to breathe and my legs felt more tired than usual for this. Was still able to run what I wanted to today though and hopefully this sickness will be gone soon.