The daily log of Gabby Nye for Tuesday, February 28, 2023


Daily Note

We were already considering taking another day off to give my body more time to rest, but when I woke up I felt absolutely awful, like sick wise, so we decided it was best to take off again. I slept terribly from coughing and sore throat and stuffy nose, and since being up I have had a terrible sore throat and my head has been aching literally in every possible spot (at the base of my skull, my neck, my ears, my forehead, my temples, my sinuses, literally everywhere). I went to the store and got soup and dayquil but neither have helped I have also been taking advil which hasn't helped. Took a 2 hour nap and some other shorter naps throughout the day, but nothing has made me feel better. On the bright side, I haven't felt my groin at all today and I don't feel nearly as sore. Still feel my R hamstring