The daily log of Erin for Tuesday, January 30, 2024

3x600, 6x200


: 8.00 Mile(s) : 00:00:00 : : : 0.0

Daily Note

2 mile WU, 3x600 (2:06, 2:11, 2:09). Felt good on the first one, but a tad too fast. Went out too slow for the second one I think because I was afraid to be too tired since the first one had me a little winded but was able to pick it up slightly again for the last rep. Think these went well, just wish the second one was faster by 2-3 seconds. 6x200 (all between 35-37). In sneakers, felt like I wasn't able to go super fast for these and was worried about pulling something in the cold. Wish these were also more like 34-36 but I'll take it. Satisfied with this effort, tried to look at this workout as an opportunity to get better instead of something really hard I have to suffer through and I think it helped a little. 2.5 mile cool down, Donna said she was at 3 when she was done her workout and she was missing half a mile so I'm going to take a mile off of Friday and do 4 on my own before I have class. Top of my left foot hurting also, not happy about that, but icing and doing some band stuff here and there to make it stronger/feel better. Just want it to be gone before this weekend.