The daily log of Elyse Wilson for Monday, May 29, 2023



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Daily Note

Started at the park and then there was a lady walking and i didn't want to run by her so i turned the other way. I made the mistake of not using bathoom before so i had to make a pit stop at the softball portajohn. was fairly clean :) then i ran up by the cafeteria and turned onto high street. As i ran past brooke and kates house i saw will running and gave him a "Hey" and then 5 seconds later i saw joshua and also said "hey" at the end of the road i turned onto 559 and ran by tri county, thank goodness no prisoners got out today. I wondered if my friend phil was in there but he only served 30 hours the other week. It started getting hot and i regretted not getting up unitl 8:30. Thankfully the 2 mile mark wasn't too far away and I swiftly turned around and headed back. richard and sally drove by in a truck so I waved at them. then i ran back past tri county and up the hill back into town. saw will drive by and he looked comfortable and i was NOT having a good time. he threw be a "duces" and went on his merry way. this time I ran through the school a different way and saw the track team on the track. At the bottom of the hill i saw my dear friend emma and scared her in her car. then i unfortunately ran up the basbeall hill and back to the park where my car was. This old guy was just sitting in his van and it scared me to i layed on the ground out of his sight. i was absolutely dying. in the middle of the run I was questioning why i was doing this but once it was done I felt better. I was proud of my steady effort and even more excited for my easy run tomorrow. PS. i realize the people I mention in my log none of you know but they were important to my run and it would take too long to explain who they are :) if you want a pic to the name just hmu.


  • Elyse Wilson  (5/29/2023 6:37:02 PM) 

    PPS. as i am reading owens... i also went out wayy to fast and i was planning on doing a .5- 1 mile of recovery before i got into steady but i did not and by the end i was absolutely dying. I was not very consistent with my pace and i did a lot of faster parts with slower parts

  • Owen Rogers  (5/30/2023 9:43:40 AM) 

    good job ellis