The daily log of Elyse Wilson for Monday, May 15, 2023



: 2.97 Mile(s) : 00:25:00 : 00:08:25.05 /mile : : 0.0

Daily Note

First run since the half with sharty and Sarah. All of us were doing different things but we all started together. I knew I only had 25 min which would be around 3 miles so i suggested going to the school so that's where we went. After about 7 min we lost shart because she was on her progression and Sarah and I kept trudgin. Running through the parking lot we passed some freshman/sophmore (high school) boys and they started talking to us and said we should be sprinting and told us we were barely jogging. they were scrawny and tiny so we ignored them and kept running. Once we got to the edge of the parking lot i turned around and my dearest sarbear kept running and went to the park without me. The rest of the run went by quick, i think I slowed down because srah can sometimes push the pace but I was still going comfotably. Throughout the whole run my legs felt pretty heavy and I could tell I hadn't run in a week. I also had this weird pain in my hip to tailbone, not sure what to think about that. I got back to school just fine only passing 2 more boys along the way. One was definitely one from earlier but since he was all alone he was probably too scared to talk to the super cute college runner girl. I also saw a kid on him bike by the post office who gave me a little wave. When I got back to school I did some sam and went to thr weight room to do some core ( I only did 3 though) and then I did some calf raises and some bench to feel all big and strong. thats was it byee owwn owen owen