The daily log of Elyse Wilson for Saturday, May 06, 2023

indy mini dayyy


: 13.10 Mile(s) : 01:58:48 : 00:09:04.12 /mile : : 0.0

Daily Note

I was very nervous for thisi but I didn't realize i was nervous until we were in our little corral about to start. Big sis was in the random corral we joined so that was fun to see her. Once we actually started moving it was okay. We started at like 10 min pace which was fine with me but I was scared of going any faster especially because we didn't do any running warm up. I made the disastrous mistake of not going to the bathroom before the race so soon after mile 2 we had to do a mini pit stop (get it because racing). It only added like a 1:30 to our total time so i think it was okay. After that I felt like I had to lead the troops to go faster because I made us stop. The miles went by pretty fast. I've never run over 7 miles at one time before but I felt pretty good throughout the whole thing. In the speedway I was starting to get hungry and I was realizing this was a long time to keep running. We all kissed the bricks as we were supposed to and kept trudging along. After hitting mile 8 I felt like i could start counting down to the end because 5.1 miles isn't that many. I felt very good and there was never a point where I felt super exhausted or too tired or it was too hard. By the 15k people around us were starting to slow down/ have issues but I felt very good and was happy to be in good shape to keep going. I got water at some point in there and that gave me another boost. Around mile 12 hanna and I split from sarah and shelbert in an attempt to break 2 hours. the silly gooeses that designed this race did not mark mile 12 so we got confused but kept speeding to the end. Our last mile was the fastest one and we were happy to end on it and we were all proud of oursleves for doing it.