The daily log of david millar for Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Michael B. Jordan


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Daily Note

"Man, I am built different. I rarely go out. I always felt like, if other cats were out partying and I was home studying, I would have the edge when it came time. I will party later. I am not going to trick off my early years for partying and then worry about struggling and how I am going to make it and how I am going to take care of my family and how I am going to take care of everyone else, that's not going to be me. I am going to grind it out now and set up the foundation so that I can enjoy myself later. Thats always been my mentality."

Life is either hard now and easy later, or easy now and hard later...choose wisely. When I started getting real intentional about cutting things from my life that did not serve me I found apart of myself that I did not know existed.