The daily log of david millar for Saturday, November 26, 2022

30 Mile Flat Long Run


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Daily Note

Going to type a lot here just to process a couple things before next weekend.

1. Todays run:
I really wanted to run this back in Ridley to get some good climbing on a longer run. Unfortunately, that would have been too much travel so I decided to run it down here. I also started to think that maybe it was best to run on flat terrain to not wear myself out too much. I went into this run planning to do 25 miles at 8-9 minute pace fastest. Its so fucking flat down here, I was clicking low 7 minute miles and my body and mind just would not let me run 8 minute mile pace for the life of me, 8 minute mile pace for 25 miles just was not happening. So once I accepted that, I just kept clicking low 7 minute miles most of the run and felt great. I felt so great that once I started getting up into the mid 20 miles I realized that my body was not nearly as fatigued as I thought it would be. I started stressing that this wasn't enough strain before next week. So, I made the executive decision mid long run to add 5 miles to the run to compensate for lack of elevation. Once I got up close to 30 I started feeling proper long run fatigue and was happy to sit in it for the last couple of miles. Not sure if this was the greatest idea a week out, but I will say I feel much more psychologically confident about my ability to complete this race, race well, and make it out injury free. Just incase I overdid it today, I will be taking a day off tomorrow to let me body rebuild, even though I really do not feel too much different than I would after a normal long run.

2. This week:
This week is going to be rough for me, I will have to get a lot of prep done for finals since I can't rely on the weekend before finals because of the race. I need to be very practical and practice ample time management. Luckily, I will have a down week going into the race which will free up a little extra time for me to do so.


  • Bryan Deery  (11/28/2022 5:45:49 PM) 

    I didn't even realize you have finals the week after!!!! Holy Cow!