The daily log of david millar for Saturday, November 19, 2022

Trail Hills Hit Different


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Daily Note

This run was pretty discouraging for a couple of reasons. Went out on the Tyler arboretum trails and they were so covered in leaves that you could barely see anything. I think I rolled my ankle three times before I was even 2 miles in. I got frustrated so I left the arboretum and planned to just run down to Ridley creek park and do the cement loop there until I hit 20. While I was running the Ridley creek loop I noticed the trail heads seemed much more visible than the trails at Tyler. Luckily Ridley Creek maintains their trails very well during this season. Was able to get some solid time on trails in at Ridley creek while actually being able to see where I was stepping. Hopefully the state park in Virginia where this race is keeps their trails well maintained, because if not it is going to make the race 10 fold harder. Also got beat up on the trail hills in Ridley. I can run hills on pavement all day long, but something about non-stop technical trail hills that tears the legs up. Reminded me that I am not as fit as I think I am, and that ultra requires a different kind of fitness. Hopefully these next two weeks are enough to get me prepared for this battle, because as of today I am not ready for it yet.


  • david millar  (11/21/2022 7:23:34 PM) 

    Thanks man, I appreciate the info! This is good to hear.

  • RunnerSam  (11/21/2022 1:44:44 PM) 

    The trails at DD100k are very runnable, you will suffer but I was able to 'fake' my way through at the end of a XC or road running season without any ultra specific work and I'm a few minutes slower than you over 8k. Have a hydration/fueling plan and a plan for electrolytes/salt.

  • Thomas  (11/19/2022 5:33:47 PM) 

    Wow, nice week of mileage!