The daily log of Sam Poole for Friday, June 17, 2022

Lunch Swim / 35 Min. Road Interval


: 4.00 Mile(s) : 00:00:00 : : Brooks Adrenaline 21s (Black) : 0.0


: 450.00 Yard(s) : 00:00:00 :

Daily Note

Took 30 minutes off from work, wanted more but today was really out of control. Wildly busy, worked until 7:00. BOOOOOO.

Got in the water with like 15 minutes to spare, always feel like a dick when i'm the only person in the water. Did a mid-high effort 400 and an easy 50 stroke cooldown.

Had solid evening run. Lost some time because of the aforementioned long workday. Original plan was a 45-50 min. "tempo" by 10 minute blocks; ended up abbreviating by 5 so I didn't impede mine and Zoe's plan. Workout below:

40 Minutes Chill Tempo:
10 min. @ 8:58
10 min. @ 8:27
10 min. @ 7:51
2.5 min. @ <7.00 (watch struggles with accurate pacing on intervals this short but i was doing a 6:54-6:58 pace here)
2.5 min @ jog

Felt good! Hit exactly on 4 miles over a shade under 35 minutes; cut the cooldown a tiny bit short. Forgot how long that downhill is going into Winooski so I had to push my pace a lot harder to compensate for the easy speed gain. The initial workout plan is below:

10 min. @ 9:00
10 min. @ 8:30
10 min. @ 8:00
10 min. @ 7:30
5 min. @ >7:00
5 min. @ 9:30 (jog)

Form felt smooth - shoes definitely an improvement. Still struggling a bit to get them normal on my right foot - really fun having an 11.35 size right foot. Left foot flexion was slightly off and my ankle was definitely a big crackly but that makes sense considering the new shoe adjustment period.

Would have liked to have done the full 50 minute tempo I had planned, definitely felt fit during the 35 minute abbreviated version. Just really didn't have the time to do the extra 15 minute section. I actually think it will be a lot easier for me to hold onto a sub 7:00 in downtown Winooski if i'm only encumbered for like 400-600 meters of it instead of the entire thing over the 150 seconds I did it on my actual workout.

Summary of the week - outside of the brutal weather making me run sluggishly on Thursday, I would say i'm cautiously happy with my slow return to running. I know post-marathon week i hit 12 miles, only did 10 last week and 16 this week. Will be in the 21-22 range next week, 26 the week after and then back into the 30 range by July.

Think my strategy of trying to force acclimate my legs to a faster "easier" pace will bear through as intended as long as I keep at it and make sure I stay focused on my shorter easier runs. Doing a "long" run on Sunday of 8/9 miles and will test drive my pace there over the cooler weather.