The daily log of Sam Poole for Sunday, May 29, 2022

Vermont City Marathon: 4:08!!!


: 26.50 Mile(s) : 04:09:15 : 00:09:24.33 /mile : Asic Gel Kayano 28s : 0.0


: 3.50 Mile(s) : 00:00:00 : : Asic Gel Kayano 28s : 0.0

Daily Note

Marathon Day!

Chip time: 4:09:15 (9:31)
Watch time: 4:07:26 (9:24)

It's Monday and I'm struggling to get my goddamn Timex R300 app to connect, and unlike my last (more low tech) watch I can't look at my splits on the watch, just on the app. So splits will HOPEFULLY be incoming. EDIT: Okay, splits are here! They're a little weird in some spots because i can't view the exact distances but whatever.

Splitting the difference for a 4:08 - I added a full quarter mile on this one (lol) due to having to go a little off course for some aid stations/one pit stop/weaving in the lanes. Here's the rundown (ha ha)!

- Got up around 5:10. Did a HUGE stretching routing last night and did the PT work this morning. Feel way, way better on my lower half than after this entire goddamn week.
- Trapp veg kebabs + carbs was a great choice. Had the following: mug of tea with honey for dry throat, cup of cold brew + ice, half of an unsweetened yerb, then water + pedialyte cubes + my pedialyte/ice water mix in the canteen. Stomach felt pretty weird (almost tight?) but at this point that's more common than not. Was a bit anxious but got to that zen moment post anxiety jump.
- Brought the canteen, frozen gels + blocks, salt capsules, gin-gins, gummy, camelbak+ice water (for before and after, did not run with this lol), regular nalgene. Zoe and I walked down as my mom parked by that neighborhood near the Depot Hill. Hung out, changed into my shoes et al and left zoe with about 10 to go.
- Starting corral rush meant my group was in the opposite lot of the portapotties which wasn't optimal at all. Also had zero space to retie shoes, so I had to commit to getting off course at the second rest stop to fix that.
- First two got out slow per usual in a race like this. High 50s/low 60s to start but sunny. Lots of fun and confused dogs early on.
- Hit the second rest stop at 3.5ish. Had to go way off course to get there - not close to the bike trail. Peed, and retied both shoes. I cannot wait to leave behind this model forever. Lost something in the ballpark of 70-90 seconds.
- Started to push a bit, had only briefly interacted with someone to start and had to kind of pick myself a tad to get back on pace. Early goal was to hold 8:55 (NOT faster, somewhere in that 8:55-9:00 zone) through 20 and then assess.
- Tough course! Felt nice and relaxed coming up on Main to Church, which was roughly the 6/7 mile mark. At that point was holding in the 8:57/:59 area, largely thanks to the hills.
- First loop through the neighborhoods was good, started grabbing some waters and let the blocks kinda melt in my mouth for a few minutes each. Had a gel but i hate these things. Old KeyBank shirt was definitely a bold choice but c'mon - ten years!
- Smooth on the bike trail. Was piggybacking 2 half runners. Was still passing droves of people trying to make up for my lost time at the pit stop. Cooled off around the half to grab my handheld with the pedialyte/ice water mix and 2 of the frozen gels in the cooler. Slowed up a bit there but only lost like 15 seconds.
- Started feeling it at 15. This is when the temps starting to move closer to the 70s. Pretty humid air. Decided at that point on Pine that I should up the effort but modulate to holding 9:00 over 20 instead of sub 9. Actually pulled off an 8:40 by total mistake around 13-14 which wasn't great for me.
- Temps really, really rising. 18-19 up Main to Church was really brutal - mostly uphill. Easily my slowest mile to that point since 3, probably something like 9:20. Pace was creeping over 9:00 (01-05) so I decided to just let myself move onto goal #2 of sub 4:09 and not kill myself before the last 10k.
- Mom and Zoe at Depot, right around 20.5! Got the salt caps from Zoe. Knew at that point 4:00 wasn't happening which I was very fine with. Still passing people on the stretch before the neighborhood, heart rate and heat + dehydration started to REALLY kick in. Had been taking 2 cups of water at every aid station starting around 10 (at this point one for water and one to dump on my head to cool off). Knew I was gonna have to slow jog it out until I got closer to the water.
- 21-23 was just rough, really really overheated (not dangerously, but enough to know I had to slow up.
- Forgot to put in my cal intake here but I ended up with 2 gels, one pack of blocks, 3/4 of my handheld, one ice pop (I had to! and it definitely helped), one gin-gin and then a late gummy for some pain relief. The gummy + icy water + salt cap combo was AMAZING.
- Still bad right before the bike trail. Think I dropped as far as a 10:30 (LOL) and then regained a bit of momentum a few moments later . . .
- On the bike trail and feeling smooth to put in a 5k to close out. Moving up on some relay runners. Talked to some dude for a minute before pushing on. Was really in my head and focused - you've done 3 so many times, 4k so many times, 3k, 2k, 1 mile, half mile etc. - that I was able to just take it one step at a time. Really great headspace and felt very smooth. Was breathing smooth, solid stride etc. Last mile was back to sub 9:00.
- and finish!! Zoe, mom, April there at the finish. asked the aid tent for some salt caps or tabs but they had none then remembered I still had 2 in my pocket. Walked off the runway, saw my time was in the 4:08-4:09 zone and popped those godawful shoes off and wandered around until i found my family. Rehydrated, stretched, sat for a bit then forced myself up. Got the chills hard. Hardens were the most comfortable shoe i've ever worn immediately afterwards. Needed the long sleeve T!

We walked up to the car and drove to Nunyuns, was taking in tons of fluids and had half tempeh ruben and my little bag of chips, and my pickle and Zoe's. Nice and salty. Went outside and sunscreened up and did my slow, slow jog to Oakledge.

Held 11/11:30 to oakledge. Zoe beat me there and had taken my mom's car, but i think she was only there a few minutes before i got to the water. Did 3 and then a half mile of barefoot "strides" on the grass. Got in the water after Zoe and I sat for a few minutes and swam around for like 5 minutes at most. Water was freezing but felt AMAZING. I told her and this older woman by the water that I could have stayed in there for an hour and i mean that 100%. Got myself out and felt like I could do another one!

Have to say - didn't break 4:00, which is a pretty reachable goal, but i did finish this race almost 14 minutes faster than my fall race and I would say i'm only maybe 10% more in shape than then. My secondary goal was sub 4:10 which I did! Looking forward to the fall season for sure. I think given the heat and humidity late and a few extenuating factors that I did probably as well as I could have, which I felt like wasn't the case with my poor early hydration at Green Mountain in the fall. Felt awesome to lay down in the AC for a while.

Ended the day going to Kate & Keith's for an impromptu barbecue. Zoe and I had been giving some distance post-COVID so this was the first time we had been by in almost a month which was sad!! Silvio was running around (like his uncle) all over the house and having a great time. My body was craving the veggie burger and chips i had more than I can even articulate. Went home and had a really nice time just relaxing with the Cs-Heat Game 7 on. And they won! Started getting the post-marathon silly spells and hit the hay hard.

ROUGH SPLITS - these are NOT accurate. I need to call annoying Timex customer service because I can't view anything on the app. Overall the arc of times make sense but about 7 or 8 of the distances aren't for exact miles.