The daily log of Daniel Bretscher for Thursday, May 04, 2023

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Run: 1:21
Week: 7:21

Ran the garden of the gods 5 mile trail race route twice. Decided during the run not to race it and instead race a 2 mile on Saturday. I was leaning that way before the run because the 2m is free versus $65 for the trail race and also I got a new pair of Vaporfly 2s on closeout last week that I want to race. The trail route also made me a bit nervous with the number of steps and technical rocky sections. Totally fine for running easy but to throw caution to the wind and race all out seemed pretty risky of falling. Highlight of the run was seeing my first bobcat and observing from just about 25 yards away. Been a big week for wildlife with two moose on Sunday and a bobcat just 4 days later. All I've seen in the previous 20 months has been a bear on two separate occasions and a pack of bighorn sheep.