The daily log of David Lacayo for Sunday, March 01, 2020

Off Day/ Race Reflection


: 0.00 lbs. : 0 bpm : 10.25 hrs. : 0.00

Daily Note

Training week was solid. Did not have great workouts this week, but it was still solid training. My legs are dead. Even with rolling, good sleep, and proper nutrition, today was much needed for rest.

Race Reflection: Got out exactly how I wanted to. 62. Perfect. Was right in the mix. Fell off with about 250-275 meters to go. Legs were plastered. Just not used to the feeling yet. Did not respond to the move, ended up dying pretty hard in the last 200. Still was a confidence booster, as I am pretty happy overall. Just need to work on the kick and responding to moves during that part of the race. 2:12.7 was the official time.