The daily log of Andrew D Pilat for Saturday, January 28, 2023

The Stagnation Shuffle (3K)


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Daily Note

AM- Shakeout, felt good. Throat wasn't sore at this point, but nose was runny. Didn't feel sick.

PM- 8:31 for the 3K; another 3 second PR. Ran the race smart, had very even splits of about 34 the whole time. Reacted well to moves, raced about as relaxed as I've ever had, and was not able to kick and closed in a 33. I ran the race about as well as I could have so I have no regrets there. Nobody is guaranteed PR's after years of running, but being 22 I kind of expected not to hit a peak this early. In January of 2020 I ran about the same times that I'm running now (8:40). I've heard all of the shit over the years about how you should be grateful for even the smallest PR, that it's not about times, etc.... But at my heart I'm a competitor. I'd like to think that I've always seen my potential. I've had decent flashes throughout the last couple years but never have been able to put it together. I had promised myself years ago that I would be a monster compared to where I was 3 years ago yet I'm in the same spot. After the race I wasn't upset. I had raced about as good as I could have. Ultimately I knew my fitness was lacking in some way. The rest of the night and the next day (logging this late!) it sat poorly with me. Ate away at me. So I did some digging as to why I feel that I'm running poorly. My Tuesday workouts have been great. I've been having good interval workouts, some solid 200s consistently, and I haven't been murdering workouts. Yet, I am not able to finish a race for the life of me, I GO LACTIC WAY TOO SOON (THIS IS IMPORTANT) and I have barely PR'd. I thought back to what my best races have looked like leading up to them and they all had one thing in common: I had several weeks of threshold leading up to them. And it all began to click. What is the point of threshold? To raise your body's ability to run faster paces for longer without accumulating lactic acid. Naturally, I'm not a distance runner. I don't doubt that I have some amount of talent to have made it this far, but hell even in high-school my 1600 time was loads faster than my 3200 until my senior year (when I added threshold in).

So after toiling on this, I decided to talk to Erin.

I said something like "hey, I'm not happy with the way my results have been coming out. I've been racing about as good as I can, I've been training well for months, not doing anything stupid. Yet I feel like my improvement has been so minimal over the last several years. I feel like I'm going lactic in races earlier and I can't kick. My tuesday workouts have been great, but I feel like I'm not able to actually utilize the things we've been doing on tuesday in races because I go lactic before then. Would I be able to incorporate more controlled threshold into my training? We haven't done threshold in weeks and I feel like I need it. Trends in my performances and fitness levels correlate with that- blablabla etc". Overall, Erin was really receptive to it and said that we could start to do that throughout the rest of indoor and definitely after indoor and throughout indoor.

If something isn't working and you know it's not working, then you go do something about it. To not do so is to live passively; which in my opinion is a vital mistake