The daily log of Andrew D Pilat for Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Also, Robby


: 6.00 Mile(s) : 00:45:00 : 00:07:30 /mile : renewals : 0.0


: 9.25 Mile(s) : 01:00:00 : 00:06:29.18 /mile : renewals : 0.0

Daily Note

AM- Ran with Mickey. About 3 minutes in ran into Trevor on the panther trail and did about 20 minutes with him. Ran towards greek court to do an extension and then ran into Jaime and Sarah running. Ran with them on half of a presidents loop and then hurried home. Good run for Mickey Dog and me.

PM- Fartlek of 2x(2-3-2) on the Neighborhood loop with 4x200 on the track afterwards. 2's were around 4:45-5:00 pace, while 3's were at 5:10ish+ pace. Fartlek was with Robby, Mason, and Trevor. 200's when we got back were good. 27-26-27-27. Feel like my footspeed is finally getting better after all these years. Did core routine 2, bands, balance after. Stretched the hammies before bed. Good day. Time to recover for this weekend at Lousiville.