The daily log of Andrew D Pilat for Saturday, October 02, 2021

Louisville Classic


: 8.00 Kilometer(s) : 00:24:39 : 00:04:57.52 /mile : renewals : 0.0


: 6.00 Mile(s) : 00:45:00 : 00:07:30 /mile : renewals : 0.0

Daily Note

AM- Louisville Classic 8K. Every year this is the meet that everyone gets excited for. It's a very "time-focused" course. This is mostly because the course is flat as hell and that everyone usually comes out with a PR no matter what. With the way the last several weeks had gone I was shooting for the moon with this one. Sub 24:00 or I would've mostly likely been disappointed. Of course, that time goal had nothing to do with my racing goals-- which was mainly stick with Jaime past 5K-6K. I felt pretty shitty on the warm-up but tried to get that out of my head because truthfully it didn't matter. Gun goes off. I get out fast and position myself in the top 30 in a really fast field. I felt awful through the first 400. Out of breath, and just dead. I tried committing to my game plan of sticking with Jaime but 2K in he picked it up and I had nothing to respond with. I basically spent the rest of the race getting passed by everyone (which is an awful feeling). Every step was a struggle and it didn't feel like a race at all. I felt like I was just trying to finish and that it was a question of how many people I could not let pass me, not how many I could pass. I was pretty relieved once the race was over, but also really disappointed. If there's any meet to drop a massive all time PR it's this one, and I missed my mark by a lot... Silver linings though-- team ran great and finished 3rd in a good field. And as much as I feel like I could've ran faster, I still did run a PR- 24:39. I've consistently been doing incredible workouts with Jaime and finishing about 20 seconds behind him in races this season and I really believed today was the day I would close that gap. However, it wasn't. On a personal level, I was really bothered by my performance. There's just some days where you don't have it, and today I didn't have it at all. No excuses about what I could've changed in the race except maybe go out slower? But even then I was going for what I expected to do. I'd like to believe that if I had an "on" day that I could've crushed my expectations, but part of me is scared that maybe I couldn't have. It almost seems douchey saying that because "I ran a PR and should be happy" but I don't give a shit about times in XC, I care about performance and how I raced and getting passed the whole time while being half dead is not how I've felt this season. Everyone "PR's" this race but if that's the parameter you measure your success by at this meet then-- Ah fuck it, I'm over analyzing this race because this meet always gets overhyped with the time taking precedence over performance. At the end of the day it's just a meet where times take over our minds. I'm just frustrated because this is the meet to run a huge All of that negative shit being said here's my positive statement. I ran a small PR and the team had a great day. Looking forward and celebrating everyone else's success


  • Andrew D Pilat  (10/12/2021 7:41:00 AM) 

    That's a good observation. Time is the absolute worst thing to worry about during XC, but unfortunately I always fall victim to it on this course... Fitness is good so good races should follow soon

  • drew1642  (10/11/2021 2:26:22 PM) 

    The whole trying to make up the gap on your teammate thing can sometimes backfire if your teammate has in their head that they are making up time on whoever is ahead of them (teammate or competitor), leading you to go out a lot faster than you wanted to or were expecting. You're good for at least 24:20 on a course like that but like you said, worrying about the time and keeping up with others you can't control can really mess with how you approach it.