The daily log of Tom Plunkett for Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Trail Long Run


: 19.00 Mile(s) : 03:21:00 : 00:10:34.73 /mile : GOAT 5 : 0.0

Daily Note

PM: Wanted to go to a park that said they had 50 miles worth of trails, but when I drove all the way out there the trail was closed. Went down to a park in South Carolina that I saw on AllTrails that was a 14 mile out and back in a horseshoe shape. I figured I could run the full out and back and then add on whatever afterward. At the trail head there was a check in booth where the lady gave me a paper trail map. I almost threw it out right when I walked away but I just put it in my pocket and trotted along. Turned out I was staring at the map every single mile trying to figure out the web of trails that this park had and still got lost a million times anyway. Got to the turn around on the opposite side of the park with an empty bottle and a dry mouth what I thought would be 7 miles from AllTrails, but my watch was already at 12 miles. Was able to fill up my bottle without any more nutrition and tried to map out the fastest way back to the other side of the park. Was starting to really feel my legs the last 2 miles. Pretty happy with the time on the legs and was a beautiful solo run on the trails. Tried to keep the watch going while I was hiking and looking at the map or on the steeper up hills. Wish I could've done better with nutrition and hydration, but still in all a good day.