The daily log of Tom Plunkett for Thursday, March 23, 2023



: 3.00 Mile(s) : 00:22:00 : 00:07:20 /mile : GOAT 5 : 0.0


: Completed

Daily Note

PM: About the same as yesterday walking around all day. 2.5k on the rower so I could get a good roll in before I warmed up 3 miles with Mike for his thresh. Stayed the same throughout, not every step and still 1 or 2/10 pain when I do feel it. Tried some strides on the track and still was the same deal. Going to test it out tomorrow and see if there's any change and if not I'm going to get started on the rower grind. Either way, still not too concerned that's anything serious, but would rather get this out of the way now rather than when racing starts.