The daily log of Tom Plunkett for Tuesday, March 21, 2023

2x 4x300


: 8.00 Mile(s) : 01:00:00 : 00:07:30 /mile : GOAT 5 : 0.0


: Completed

Daily Note

PM: 3 mile WU with Will, 2x 4x300, 2.5 mile CD. Recovery was 100m(45 secs) between reps and 5-10 mins between the sets.
Splits were 46.0/49.4/44.3/44.0/42.4/44.6/45.5/- Cut the workout before the last rep which I was pretty upset with, but definitely the right decision. Other than that it was a quality workout averaging low 45s with very short recovery. Almost the perfect day out. Stretched right after and then was able to come back down after class to catch the rest of the workouts. Going to revisit this workout in a few weeks.