The daily log of Tom Plunkett for Wednesday, March 08, 2023

4M Thresh


: 9.00 Mile(s) : 01:01:00 : 00:06:46.66 /mile : GOAT 5 : 0.0


: Completed

Daily Note

PM: 3 mile WU, 4 mile thresh, 2 mile CD. At home so splits are from GPS.
Splits were 5:55/6:24/6:11/5:59 for a 6:08 avg. Pretty mid thresh, but not too upset with it. Considering yesterdays workout being pretty tough, and being my first two workouts of the season, and the crazy wind. Hopefully next week with the same kind of week in terms of workout I'll feel better on the thresh, but we'll have to wait and see. Stretching and core routine afterward


  • Joseph Nescio  (3/9/2023 9:37:05 AM) 

    I would say that's a very quality thresh. Considering what you said about your workout yesterday and the wind, that is a good thresh.