The daily log of Shelby Steg for Wednesday, May 17, 2023



: 2.75 Mile(s) : 00:25:00 : 00:09:05.45 /mile : Purple Hoka Clifton : 0.0

Daily Note

Very nice solitary run today, Callie tried to bike with me but we had some bike troubles so that was a no go. I ran around campus and also on the course and I was really enjoying myself. I really had so much fun frolicking around the course and I even got to visit Jed's grave site where his stick cross was still intact so I put some wildflowers on it. This made my soul quite happy. My body felt shocked to be running again and my throat felt like a desert because I am still battling a bit of an illness, but I am managing and trying to get better. Got to sip on some Gatorade and talk to some of the Fiji men after the run which was also nice.