The daily log of Shelby Steg for Saturday, May 06, 2023

Overcoming half-marathon #2


: 13.22 Mile(s) : 01:58:57 : 00:08:59.86 /mile : Orange Hoka Clifton #2 : 0.0

Daily Note

Oh my goodness gracious, that was a doozy. Honestly felt like a near death experience for me. The adrenaline wore off at about mile 6 which left me with 7.1 miles of noticeable pain and suffering. I felt myself becoming very anxious the whole time because I knew that this was not gonna be as easy as it was for me the first time I did a half marathon and I was right. I was in immense pain for most of it, from cramps in the left side of my body to headaches. Things were rough but I did still have fun. I enjoyed the exciting atmosphere and all of the music. I especially enjoyed running with the girls and felt honored to have Ms. Sarah Jones by my side the whole time. Ultimately, I think I needed this as a final point of acceptance that I am in a very different place physically (and of course mentally) than I was during my high school running time and thats ok. Running the half marathon was a way of showing myself that even though I am in a different physical place, I am stronger than ever and can continue to get better. Overall, although it was tough, I am so glad I ran the half marathon because it was a boost of confidence of all that I have been able to overcome in the past year and how these health obstacles are not going to keep me from trying my best in running. ALSO I got to run the mini on my birthday which made me so very happy inside.