The daily log of Shelby Steg for Tuesday, April 04, 2023

barefoot miles


: 5.60 Mile(s) : 00:48:02 : 00:08:34.64 /mile : Orange Hoka Clifton #2 : 0.0

Daily Note

Fartlek, (3,3,2,1)x2 with 1 minute rest between each and 3 min rest after the set. This was a difficult workout for me, but I can definitely say that I tried my very best. The first 2 miles were fine, but things got rough after that. I started to lose feeling of my left arm and leg at 2.75 miles so I just pushed through the last 2.75 miles. Because of the tingling I did stop twice for a few seconds to take my shoe off to regain feeling in my foot, but in the last half mile of the workout I just took both of my shoes off and ran barefoot in the grass and things felt much better. Overall effort was there but pace was not what I wanted it to be.