The daily log of RunnerSam for Tuesday, May 23, 2023

F&M TC: 4x1mi (90") 6xStrides


: 5.66 Mile(s) : 00:42:41 : 00:07:32.47 /mile : Hoka Rincon 3 : 0.0


: 3.96 Mile(s) : 00:23:12 : 00:05:51.51 /mile : Nike AlphaFlys : 0.0

Daily Note

4xClayton Mile Loop with Nate, then to the track for 6x~100 strides

WU with Stephen Welsh who I havent seen in a little while, caught up on his triathlon training. Decided on doing the miles with Nate since it was close enough to the box I wanted to check. Stayed a little bit behind him on the reps, he got away from me on the last one though. Happy with the workout, maybe too high of an effort. Strides felt good.
WD with bigger group. floated the idea of Gatchell training me next winter/spring for the mile

Workout in Alpha Flys, WU/WD/Strides in Rincons.

Felt fairly beat up prior to starting, slept well last night (after long day) and pretty well the next night