The daily log of RunnerSam for Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Swim/F&M TC: 3x2k (90") 5x30/60s


: 5.09 Mile(s) : 00:32:47 : 00:06:26.44 /mile : Saucony TypeA : 0.0


: 3650.00 Yard(s) : 00:55:12 : 00:01:30.73 /100 yards


: 4.56 Mile(s) : 00:36:12 : 00:07:56.31 /mile : Hoka Rincon 3 : 0.0

Daily Note

AM: 3650 SCY at wilson Masters with Sam Kate and Lyndsay
3x(300 4x100 200kick 4x50)
second set was 200 swim, last set was 8x25 instead of 50s
WD of misc 50s with Alyssa

4:11, 1:15 :20 :25 :24, kick, :40s
4:09, 1:18 :20 :21 :23, kick, 41s
4:18, 1:22 :26 :27 :28, kick, 22s

100s on 1:30, 50s on :45, 25s on :30

PM: F&M Track Club, ran 3x2k with 90s recovery with a big group (Nate Anthony John Ashley Tim Jay Joel Jason) then 5x30s on 60s off solo. All on Clayton Mile Loop. I would have liked to hit the track with them on the 600s but my body can't handle the track still. I had the reps at 6:08 6:04 5:54 pace, I think Nate had more like 6:03s 6:02s for the first two reps which we ran side by side. I decided to open up on the last one but it didnt feel great. Wore my TypeAs for the workout which was nice, I am going to workout in them more often. I think they will help strengthen the lower legs more than the heavier and carbon plated shoes Ive been using (Endorphin Pro 1, Alpha Fly, Sen Takumi 8s).

30s were unremarkable and who knows what pace I was running since its on rolling hills. Hopefully I checked the mile pace box