The daily log of RunnerSam for Friday, May 12, 2023

8x0.5 @ 5:40-5:44 with 60s rest


: 4.33 Mile(s) : 00:34:54 : 00:08:03.60 /mile : Hoka Rincon 3 : 0.0


: 4.20 Mile(s) : 00:25:19 : 00:06:01.66 /mile : Nike AlphaFlys : 0.0

Daily Note

8x0.5 with 60s recovery, jogging rec the first two but standing/walking after that. Set up my watch for the workout so it was auto lapping after 0.5 and resting 60s. Was nice to just follow it. I also had it set to tell me if I was under 5:30 pace or over 5:50 pace (my goal was 5:40 pace) so that was nice on the roads, less nice since it also bugged me during WU/WD and the recovery. Had no idea how it was going until after since it didnt show me my splits. Was a hot/tough workout on slight hills but pushed through. Happy with what the paces ended up being and pretty much right on goal (2:51 average). Followed Alex for the most part, not sure I would have done all 8 without him. Alyssa did an easier track workout but we three WU together. McGorty joined us for WD after two 800s on the track and some strides as his first workout back.

2:51 :49 :56 :47 :51 :47 :52 :51
Odds were uphill and evens were down (both slight, and rolling) and that is reflected well in the splits