The daily log of RunnerSam for Sunday, May 07, 2023

York Marathon (Pacing)


: 7.91 Mile(s) : 01:29:25 : 00:11:18.25 /mile : Hoka Rincon 3 : 0.0

Daily Note

new rincons
Dad ran in my mizuno's though
He also gave me his pair of Mizuno sky 5s that he was having issues with

Dad approached me ~6 weeks ago that he wanted to run a marathon in May/June. York was the best option despite not allowing for much training. Gave him a short training plan with increasing LR every week, two short runs and one medium run then a downweek (only LR shortened) till the race. He was running ~20mpw before that. He ran pretty consistent pace. Alyssa ran miles 8-16 with him and I ran 19-26 with him. He ran 4:50:change at 64. It has been something he wanted to do for awhile and im happy he was able to, he really didnt run into any issues during the race, just a long slow grind to the finish line. He typically runs 3 times per week and will go back to that I think, ill have to find a way to keep him interested