The daily log of Ryan Rastatter for Wednesday, December 01, 2021

Respond to adversity


: 7.00 Mile(s) : 00:52:05 : 00:07:26.42 /mile : Mizuno Wave Inspire 16 : 0.0

Daily Note

This week has not been great so far but got it on the right track today but there are still some challenges ahead. I had a planned off day Monday as I have been running a ton and working a ton and was feeling pretty tired so I took a day off. I Also had a very large project that I was doing for school that I had been working on throughout the weekened. Tuesday came around and I realized I still needed more work (was due wed 12pm ). So i decided to put my Tuesday off after clinical until I had finished the project (SCHOOL COMES FIRST). It needed more work than expected so I ended up not getting done it until past midnight. Was simply too exhausted to run after all of this and had to be back at clinical early for another 12 hour day. Sleep is very important. I have noticed I am less productive at clinical when I do not gt enough sleep. Was important for me to get that in. Managed to get some miles in tonight, however. Taking two days off puts me in "MY" danger zone, however. This happened to me before...if I miss two days for some reason (sickness, finals ) and I try to resume my training - something always goes wrong injury wise. Even though I am not hurt, I need to be smart about this and ease myself back in. This has simply happened too many times to me to risk so I will be pushing my threshold back a week.