The daily log of Peter Hogg for Friday, May 05, 2023

eagles crest - 60min hills


: 21.00 Mile(s) : 02:45:00 : 00:07:51.42 /mile : TectonX : 0.0

Daily Note

75deg, sunny. parked at the bear. ran up to north side with a couple extra hills in there. then 65min going up and down the main hill at eagles crest. big tree down at the bottom so no run out to rest. then back down to the car. felt really good and felt like effort was really low but HR was kind of high from the start. able to run up the hill slowly which is a big improvement from a year ago when I had to walk slowly. goal was to beat up my quads and I definitely got that. felt really solid the whole time but got very thirsty the last hour. had a dog off leash going down one time so i turned around as soon as i saw it and the owner called the dog so i knew she saw me. turned around at the top thinking it would be on leash now but was at the top of the hill. stopped and it was ignoring me so started to run by slowly and it went ballistic charging me barking and growling. i backed into the woods yelling and got a big stick and the owner called and it went back to her and then put it on leash. ran by and she wasn't going to say anything so I said "please keep your dog on a leash." She responded "well you shouldn't run back and forth on the trail when you know my dog is there." so I said "really, we're on a public trail and if your dog attacks me, you're going to blame me for running?" she didn't respond. then 20min later same thing happens with another couple and their off leash dog. I see it at the bottom and they see me. I turn around as soon as I see it thinking they'll put it on leash. come back and it's still off leash. It turns around towards its owners but then does 180 and comes at me not barking or anything. I start yelling and it backs off some. the owners say he's friendly and it eventually walks by me sniffs me wagging. I felt bad for freaking out and yelling at this dog that was fine. i said sorry and that I just about got bit 20min ago. they didn't appear to even have a leash. then I thought how ridiculous it was that I was apologizing to someone with their dog off leash even if it was friendly. then when i'm almost done, pass a german shepherd off leash. at least this owner got his dog and had him sit off the trail and held his collar. I carried pepper spray a couple times then stopped. I think it's time to carry it consistently. so sick of people not controlling their dogs.