The daily log of Peter Hogg for Tuesday, March 14, 2023

long - eagle creek - 35min tempo


: 31.00 Mile(s) : 04:04:00 : 00:07:52.25 /mile : TectonX : 0.0

Daily Note

mid 20s to upper 30s, sunny, moderate wind. hour at eagle creek mostly roads, then over to eagles crest for long loop. did an extra bike path loop then down to the bike path on 56th st over to raceway road. started tempo there at 2:50 back to eagle creek. tempo avg about 6:30 pace. tried to go slightly slower before the tempo and kept my HR a little lower. planned for 30min tempo, but felt good so went 35min. legs a little tired after tempo but not bad at all. took 2 gels and 400cal tailwind. 110mi/15hrs in 7 days is solid. I'm tolerating normal volume and intensity now which is nice. but still pretty slow. sloooowly getting better