The daily log of Matt Kusak for Monday, September 11, 2023

Dreams of Taper Season


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Daily Note

Picnic at work today (naturally today is the only rainy day all week) and I got to go home a little earlier so just ran from my house. Hit up a to-be-named CH/Westmont loop with a brief detour for a porta stop (naturally there was another porta on the route just a block later). Somehow with the detour the route was exactly 9.3 miles, which is its mileage on RunGo without the detour. I kinda expected this week to be a down week or beginning of the big taper, but after receiving the final four weeks of my plan from the other Matt K., I learned I actually have one more week of intense training. That'll put me at 95-105 miles/week for four weeks in a row, which is quite the big block of big mileage so I might aim to seek out more soft surfaces than I have been as of late. But for this week my goal is 100% to hit the STRIDES hard. These days I'm always feeling aerobically fit but lacking foot speed (but perhaps that's just the marathoner way). Did fine with better nutrition last week.