The daily log of Matt Kusak for Thursday, May 25, 2023



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Daily Note

Will and Anshul have been exhausted every day on this trip while I have been mostly okay, which led me to a realization—I’m used to running every day and by not doing that I have excess energy for doing stuff all day (something I don’t usually have). They wanted to sleep in today so I took the Tube all the way to Hyde Park for my run. Great park (RIP Taxi Tree) but it has nothing on the smaller-yet-more-epic Holland Park. Ran there after going past my preschool. Reasons Holland Park is the best park in the world: dog surplus, not too crowded, foresty paths, turtle triangle sculpture, adventure playground, and of course Kyoto Pond. Kyoto Pond has peacocks, a waterfall, and MASSIVE koi fish. It’s awesome. It’s definitely my spot if I were a Pokémon Gym Leader. Took the Tube home, walked somewhere for breakfast, ate, walked home, and Anshul still hadn’t stepped into the shower.