The daily log of Matt Kusak for Monday, November 22, 2021



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Daily Note

Monday that feels like a Sunday because of the lack of class. The Holy Route with Jacob, Cullen, and Doose. Discussed the past season and speculated upon the next. Everyone seemed quite happy today, seems the postseason vibes are kicking in. We also added new terminology to the WUXC jargon to go along with High/Low Efficiency. High Efficient: Person who gets fit really fast from workouts and therefore is prescribed few workouts until late season. Low Efficient: Person who needs many workouts and therefore has extra workouts. Low Resilient: Person who does not recover from workouts as quickly and therefore has reduced workouts/week. High (Mileage) Dependent: Person who needs lots of mileage in their training. Low (Mileage) Dependent: Person who doesn't need lots of mileage to run well. I've also heard high/low injury prone but I feel like those don't really need explanations.