The daily log of Matt Kusak for Sunday, November 21, 2021

Season Reflection

Daily Note

What a season. Definitely my favorite cross country season of all time and reaffirmed my love of the sport in every way. From spending the summer with the team to the preseason days to my first XC race in two years to getting blasted in the face by Patrick's champagne last night, it's just been nothing but amazing memories. Proud of myself--I poured more of myself into this sport and team than ever before and was rewarded in every way possible. Even prouder of my team--maybe we weren't as high up there place-wise as we dreamed, but I fully believe we put forth our best and that's the only thing that counts (and also beating Wartburg and Carnegie). Special thanks to the seniors because they really stepped up after probably the hardest year for WUXC. Couldn't think of better people to lead us than you guys.
Already excited for next season.