The daily log of Matt Kusak for Thursday, November 18, 2021



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Daily Note

Slept in, went to class, biked home, wiped out on bike. Little bruised on my left side but otherwise fine. This incident has led me to two conclusions. First off, my left side is clearly inferior to my right. Left has suffered hamstring tightness, two bike spills, a swollen eye, and exudes beta energy. Secondly, the universe is testing my limits this week. But it cannot stop me, my resolve has never been stronger. Went for a solo run and explored every street in the Lumberjack neighborhood area. The original gate was open and I found a cool forested street with a cannon. I also saw a parade of pickup trucks carrying logs and tree branches which reaffirms the route's idiosyncratic name. Perhaps one day the Wartburg Lumberjack himself will be found running along these streets.