The daily log of Matt Kusak for Monday, November 08, 2021

Seasons' Meeting


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Daily Note

Nightmare Before Christmas with Max, Arun, and Griffin (brought him along for the freshman sacrifice). Immaculate fall weather today, especially at Tilles Park--the trees were so colorful. Also the park's Christmas decorations were up and the lights were on so it was a true crossover between fall and winter. Saved a mental picture of it all. I'm sad that we ran NBC earlier this semester because so many people missed its true potential. Griffin got a good glimpse into junior culture today since we talked about the usual things--ITYSL, the S-Stats, routes, ATLA, knights, the dentist joke, team culture, and meta talk about how the conversation was exclusively junior culture topics. Also birds and Arun's battle of light and darkness. Village breakfast went crazy today with the reveal of Manny's last day tomorrow, his crippling gambling addiction, and Half-Dead Guy.