The daily log of Gavin Kelly for Saturday, February 24, 2024

MACs 4x800m

Daily Note

Am - 1.5 mile shakeout.

Pm - 4x800m. Got the baton in last and there was just nothing that I could do since everyone was so far ahead. Went like 2:08 but was impossible to fight when I was all by myself. Not upset with this because I know I would have dropped a fast time if I had people to run and compete with. Overall, it sucks to lose again by a small margin, but beyond proud of everyone. Happy with the DMR yesterday, and it was honestly nice to know I could run well at this meet in that event. Cross country MACs ate at me for a while, thinking I couldn't perform when the lights are on. I have the confidence needed from this weekend to help this team score more points in outdoors.